Encouraging a Greater Understanding of Human Rights through Play

Game called Human Rights Defenders

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has spent the last year piloting a new game called Human Rights Defenders. Geared toward Indigenous youth, the Game incorporates a number of different elements to make learning about human rights informative and fun! 

The game incorporates guidance from Indigenous Elders and features many Indigenous cultural influences. For example, the circular game board incorporates the Medicine Wheel and features a turtle at the centre to represent Turtle Island. The “Human Rights Defenders” game also features animal guide characters with special powers that players can use throughout their journey. 

Game called Human Rights Defenders

Four categories of questions focus on Human Rights Basics, Indigenous Human Rights, Human Rights in Action and Human Rights Defenders. Although people can play the game individually, it is more suited for teams and encourages creative team work throughout. 

The game was created for a youth audience but can easily be adapted for adults and elementary age children as well. The goal of the game is to raise awareness and understanding of human rights, particularly with respect to Indigenous rights, by collecting cards with every right answer. Everyone wins as they improve their knowledge and awareness of human rights. 

Game called Human Rights Defenders

To learn more about the Human Rights Defenders Game contact the Commission at nai-ina@chrc-ccdp.gc.ca.